We are Maximizing Battery Performance By 

Providing World Leading Energy Management

We have probably developed the most environmental-friendly, user-friendly and intelligent charging software for electric cars and fleets.

We are currently testing and piloting our artificial intelligent charging software together with: Trønder Energi, Ohmia, Circle K and Posten

Thanks for research and pilot funding from Innovation Norway, Oslo Municipal, Enova and Forskningsrådet.

Intelligent charging for apartment buildings

We are testing our new logic to decrease energy losses and improve the easiness of use.

  • Payment with APP (card or phone)
  • It is the most cost effective logic aviable in the market

Intelligent charging for the Norwegian Postal Service

We are testing our new logic in a new terminal. We are focusing on improving the charging and the logistics for a big electric fleet in daily use.

  • Solar roof 4000 m2
  • Battery system
  • Fast chargers and AC chargers
  • Dynamic load management for different brands of chargers

Cost savings with our AI logic

When we evaluate our system versus the marked leaders we see that we save 5-20% in energy and grid fees.

Battery health

Our automatic charging management will prolong the battery lifespan as much as possible, saving you much money.

In addition, our clients get easy access to review the battery health of their battery. As a result, it is unnecessary for them to take the car to a car repair shop to carry a costly and timely inspection of the battery health.

Are you ready to connect your fleet?

We welcome companies in Europe and US with small and big fleets to participate and suggest future pilots. Let’s together enable our AI to become the best global solution for fleets and electric vehicles. Contact us at post@flexibility.ai

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