Our goal is to make the energy solutions for our customer cheaper and more efficient, based on the latest possibilities from hardware, machine learning and optimization.


Flexibility`s main project are in 2018-2020 is to develop new optimization and machine learning software together with our partners for charging of electric cars. We are able to give the customer real cost savings and an optimal and robust process when we can utilize our deep knowhow about the energy markets and machine learning. 

Saving and utilizing the energy optimal is the first and easiest small step to achieve a greener future. Can we all try to pursue the 1.5 degree goal from the Paris Agreement? In the EV-tech sector we soon can provide the best environmental and most efficient charging developed by our small team of environmental enthusiasts. Our great achievements prove that we can come fare with very limited recourses and some future thinking car brands.

The world usage of energy needs some radical changes if we want to reach a 1-2 degree goal from the Paris Agreement. In the future will it not only be difficult but also costly to subtract CO2 from the air so why not use the energy system much better and furter improve the EV-tech and the transportation sector?


Below is a nice illustration of how we can together manage to reach 1.5 target from Paris Agreement (This actually means a need of negative CO2 emissions from around 2050)

Illustration from CICERO