For energy clients we provide:

  • APP (white-labelled) / graphQL API to enable the smartest smart charging experience for your clients/end users
  • A system that runs charing management in buildings better than any other system
  • A software system that handles billing of chargers (both public chargers and private)
  • Automatic trading – we have 15 years of experience with energy trading in all relevant energy markets (physical deliveries, balancing service, CFD and financial trading of commodities and future contracts)
  • Consulting and advice on how to become the leading energy actor in the new and growing market

For grid companies we provide:

  • System services
  • Smaller operational costs
  • Higher/better stability in the grid

For community houses and apartment building our software provide:

  • Better utilisation of the chargers
  • Smaller operational costs
  • Lower electricity and grid bill
  • A system that supports smart chargers with OCPP 1.6 or higher

For fleet owners we provide:

  • Better charging management of your fleet
  • In some cases, we can show improved utilization of your fleet or decreased queue on your DC chargers/charging facilities.
  • An APP that helps your drivers to be more efficient