• Experienced developer / CTO – Oslo (vacant)
  • Experienced developer – Oslo (employed 21.4.2020)
  • Data scientist / developer – Oslo (employed 9.1.2020)

Experienced developer / CTO – Oslo

Do you have a passion for the environment and want to make a significant environmental impact? 

You can make a real and substantial green impact and reduce the CO2 footprint for several hundred thousand EV drivers in the Nordics.

This position is an excellent opportunity if you are an experienced developer who wants to be a vital part of a new and promising startup and join the development of an up-and-coming product. You get a high degree of freedom and the possibility to influence the design of the product, impact the results and build and manage your team.

Flexibility is a small startup founded by an experienced power trader. We are piloting the next-generation charging software. It handles the charging of electric vehicles in a better way than the state of the art solutions. We make a more environmentally friendly, cheaper and more uncomplicated solution for the drivers. 

You can join a startup in growth. After showing our “simple” MVP, our product is pre-ordered and even prepaid by two big energy clients. We have already a well working pilot system that needs your expertise and passion for becoming an environmentally friendly and commercial global success. 

Our product consists of: a mobile app, an Elixir backend, dashboard for our clients, optimization and machine learning models. It is already working end- to -end, and we continue to improve our solution in pilots in an agile manner.

Norway is the most developed global market for electric vehicles, and it should also be the best location for developing our software.

We would like to hear from you if:

  • You have a track record of leading teams
  • You have a solid programming background
  • You want to be a hands-on programmer and CTO 
  • You are open-minded to learn new technologies, approaches and frameworks 
  • You have an interest in working with platforms and the interface between code and platforms and humans
  • Experience with front-end development
  • You are proficient in software development
  • Experience with scaling software
  • Fluent English oral and written
  • You have a passion for the environment and want to participate in a considerable improvement of the charging.


  • Experience with Elasticsearch 
  • Experience with E.g. Dart/Flutter, Html/js/Elm
  • Experience with Python, Elixir, Julia & Data Science
  • Interest in continuous delivery, Cloud, Docker and Kubernetes is a plus
  • Fluency in the Norwegian language
  • You have experience with functional programming (e.g. Elixir)

What will you be doing?

  • Building a growing team
  • You will be responsible for our system platforms & development of front and backend
    • Ensure a sound development and prioritization of task and sprints together with clients, CEO and developer team.
    • Follow up our pilots and solution to our clients.
  • You will be responsible for platform architecture and cybersecurity.
  • Our systems will be operational 24/7-365 – so you will always be looking for new ways to improve operational quality, efficiency and stability.
  • You lead the development team and work with customers all with the common goal of evolving our solution.

What do we offer?

  • A place in a friendly and highly competent team with a can-do attitude
  • A direct influence of the company, product, technology and features
  • A competitive salary if you take into account that (20% of the shares are allocated to early starters in the company).
  • Exciting and diverse challenges every day
  • You will make a global software solution that will improve the environment

Send application to application@flexibility.ai